You’ve heard it from your mother, you’ve heard from your teachers, even your Doctor – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  

It’s the first meal after waking up so of course, it’s important, right? Actually, breakfast has so many other reasons to be the mother of all meals. Ever wondered why? 

Breaking a Fast

From the time you had that late-night snack until it’s time for breakfast, you were fasting for several hours. So it’s literally in the name – breakfast. 

Even if you’re not a morning person, your body needs fuel within two hours of waking up. This will impact your blood sugar profile (BSP) and insulin for your energy throughout the day. So if you skip breakfast, not only will your body weaken, but your brain too.

‘I’ll eat brunch’ doesn’t work either. Because if you put off breakfast, you’ll actually be twice as hungry when it’s time to eat. 

Say Goodbye to Heart Disease

If you skip breakfast, odds are you will overeat during the other meals of the day. Overeating is a big no-no because it causes weight gain like crazy. 

When you overeat, your body uses some of the calories for energy but the rest turns to fat. So, more calories may cause you to become overweight easily. 

There’s no shame in being fat but overeating will certainly increase the risk of cancer, heart disease, and other chronic health problems.


Breakfast for the Brain

We all remember our teachers asking us if we ate breakfast or not when the class seems low in spirit and energy. 

That’s because your brain also reaps the nutrients, even from a single banana. Evidently, breakfast is as important for brain function such as focus and concentration just as it is important for body functions. 

There were even studies that showed those who ate oats for breakfast showed better memorization and information retention than those who skipped breakfast entirely. 

Fiber up your day

Skip that roti canai, nasi lemak, and teh tarik, and choose healthier options like whole grains and fruit. 

Sounds boring? There are so many recipes with oats you can try that won’t make every day feel so redundant. Plus, you’ll likely meet the recommended fiber intake which can help reduce cholesterol. 

Stop the constant cravings

Do you usually have unhealthy cravings throughout the day? It’s partly because you didn’t have enough protein for breakfast

Studies have shown that rich in protein foods such as scrambled eggs, Greek yogurt, nut butter will keep you fuller longer. 

This prevents you from making poor food choices later on if you were to skip breakfast. 


Lose weight by eating more breakfast

Chances are, if the largest meal you have in a day is your breakfast, you’ll definitely lose weight! Nonetheless, large doesn’t mean all-you-can-eat. 

Stick to a healthy portion of fiber, folate, calcium, iron, and B vitamins. That way, you’ll eat less for lunch and dinner which will perfectly balance your calorie intake.

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