Our Production

Highest production standards for food safety

The production at Three Sisters TM never compromises the quality of products. That’s why we maintain every process to meet the highest standards of food safety.

Our independent processing methods range from the handling of raw materials to packaging to QAQC. By having complete control over our manufacturing process, we are confident that the quality of our products is always the highest grade.

Thinking about starting your own premix or instant drink brand?

Make it Your Own Now

OEM Production

Not only do we have our own brand, we are also totally capable of helping you create your own brand. Whether it’s multigrains, coffee, or soya-based premix drinks, we are dedicated to supplying top-quality products across the region.

We support many businesses to create their own brand through our OEM services from manufacturing until packaging. 

Our warehouse is fully equipped to provide you with maximum processesof your chosen products. We have high performance manufacturing machines plus certified manufacturing processes and materials.

Skip the hassle and let us efficiently produce and package for you with Food Safety Standards in every step of production. 

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